Review: New Amazon Movie Unpaused


Unpause gives you a pause to look back what we have gone through. Characters are different in all five stories, but the drama connects with every single life survived the fierce lockdowns.

This story revolves around the problems we faced on extreme during Lockdown. Loneliness was the most intense feeling. A beautiful storyline showing how people were dying inside with their problems because most of us couldn’t even approach their family members, and few didn’t have the privilege to ask for a help ultimately relying upon excessive consumption of heavy smoke and cigrate and moving further for suicide. However, to fight their loneliness importance of online Yoga & Pranayama was reinforced in the entire story.

How paranoid you were with the COVID symptoms. Your taste buds have gone neutral made you neurotic about COVID. Washing hand multiple times, use of sanitizer, wearing masks were inevitable but looking others as a Corona carrier was nothing but a division in the society. All fears arising out of fear of catching Corona. On one hand people were feeling lonely on another they were seeing others with doubt and apprehension. Beautiful depiction of the mental status of people captured by an event in which an old lady sit in the auto, sanitizing it first and instead of being thankful to the driver looking him with derogatory look showed the split in the society. You remember the situation of migrant labors during lockdown walking on the road became like monkey in a cage. Everyone would take a video of them making nothing like a fueling one problem.

The best part of the storyline is touching the human elements again & again. How a helping human gesture of a stranger in a society helped to survive the other. The idea of humanity strengthens when you watch a neighbor jeopardize his life to save a woman who has almost suicided ,an auto driver helping an old lady, a corona warrior gets help from a hypo techie and an old widow helping a young unemployed product designer. These all watchful events bolster our belief in the humanity even in the toughest crisis of humanity.

All the social issues during lockdown have connected the story well with the audience. The only deviation from the core of the series is events on virtual reality in the first story. This was the only part made me little uncomfortable, but all other stories were like reliving old days. I would like to recommend everyone to watch this show because of the simplicity and genuine issues over which it is based on.