Power words for a strong resume

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the importance of a resume. It does not matter how exceptional you are at work, if not mirrored in your resume, then chances to get a job become bleak. The competition starts with your resume screening, so you must be very careful while penning your resume. Multiple things matter in your resume but most important is how you enunciate your experience and achievements. That means not only grammar but the choice of words plays an extremely important aspect. Word choice is incredibly important. You only have a limited amount of space on your resume, so every single word counts.

After economic reform took place in 1991, India's focus shifted to liberalization, privatization, and globalization. Since then there was a boom of private industries and to get a job, the role of resume became vital. In these three decades, expectations from employees have taken a different shape. For example, if you had to prepare the resume in the year 2005 where you mention the words like familiar, spearheaded & experienced it would have been good enough. But now these are obsolete words and should be replaced by words like expert, lead, and achieved. The changes in terminology are because of the overuse of a few words and their lost relevance. So the main thing we should know about the use of power words which are in trend. Resumes are critical and must be updated and adjusted for each position for which you are applying. Do not let your hard work and qualification be eclipsed by buzzwords.

Here I have mentioned some great alternatives to commonly-used buzzwords:

  • LEADERSHIP: Guidance, Influence, Initiative, Impact or Direction
  • MOTIVATED: Driven, Inspire, Spark, Productive, Propel
  • STRATEGIC: Analytical, Methodical, Logical, Blueprint, Contemplative
  • EXPERT: Pro, Master, Guru, Whiz, Inimitable
  • CREATIVE: Cutting-Edge, Innovative, Resourceful, Shrewd, Eloquent
  • PASSIONATE: Hungry, Stimulated, Ambitious, Ardent, Keen
  • EXPERIENCED: Competent, Sophisticated, Superlative, Cultivated, Accomplished
  • SPECIALIZE: Disciplined, Trained, Practiced, Well-versed, Seasoned

Words that should be avoided: 

  • Hard worker
  • Best of breed
  • Go-to person
  • Think outside of the box
  • Results-driven
  • Excellent communicator
  • Responsible

The comprehensive intent is to remind you to diversify the words that you use—rehashing the same word (even power words) leads to dull reading experience and will turn off the hiring executive. Rather, use a variety of terms that best describe your capabilities to show employers the scope of your creations. Finally, it's very crucial that you only use terms you are comfortable with.